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What are the stages of recruitment?

If your application is pre-selected, you will be contacted by our recruitment department for an initial telephone interview. You will then meet somebody from the recruitment department and the operations manager from the department concerned.

After these meetings, you will receive an oral or written reply as quickly as possible.

How should I prepare for my interview?

Before attending your interview, you must prepare for it.

To be successful in an interview, you should find out about the following points:

- the company (Internet, press etc.)
- the position and required skills for the position (read the advertisement, note your past experience in similar positions)
- and you … !Draw up a list of your skills, your strengths, areas you would like to work on, and your professional qualities.

What is your work placement policy?

We regularly take on people for work placements at our head office and in our shops, in all countries where we have a presence. Whatever your level of studies, we can offer a varied assignment that is suited to your level of education. Our aim: to entrust you with assignments that are fulfilling, and to give you the opportunity to learn about a profession. Once the work placement is over, there are real opportunities to be taken on with either a temporary or permanent contract, if we are satisfied with you, and there is a real need for the company. It's up to you to prove yourself!

Go and consult our work placement offers on our website!

What do I have to do to work in a shop?

If you wish to work as a sales assistant in a shop (work placement, temporary contract or student contract), go to the shop of your choice with a CV.

For a managerial position, you can apply directly via the Pimkie recruitment site.

I have no experience in ready to wear sales. Can I still apply for a position in a shop?

Of course! We pay more heed to your personality than to your ready to wear retail experience. Your dynamic attitude, your interpersonal skills, your smile and your love of fashion are crucial qualities.
For managerial positions (shop manager, deputy shop manager etc.) managerial experience is necessary.

Where are the head office and purchasing centre located?

- Our international head office is located in the North of France, a flagship region for textiles and distribution, in Villeneuve d’Ascq.
- We also have offices in 3 other countries: Germany, Spain and Italy.

- Our purchasing centre is located in France (Villeneuve d’Ascq).