Our HR vision

United by our strong company spirit, Pimkie’s 5500 employees work according to our 4 attitudes, in order to offer women what they really want, in real time!

The first pillar around which we operate is passion – for our customers and for fashion itself. We are proud of our brand and our products, and truly passionate about our line of business.

And since fashion is an ever-changing business, agility is vital to all our activities. Pimkie’s employees are receptive and flexible, always in tune with what is happening around them.

We also place great emphasis on developing team spirit. We believe that our ability to work together in a sharing environment is what enables Pimkie to rise to every challenge.

Finally, success is what drives us on a daily basis. A thirst for excellence, a refusal to compromise, a desire to overcome every obstacle, and a shared sense of tenacity and commitment… these are what lie behind Pimkie’s great achievements.

From creating collections to welcoming our customers in stores, from preparing parcels to managing orders, from product development to changing-room visits, from trend identification to in-store merchandising, all our employees, in 180 different roles, love working together to satisfy our customers’ needs.

We therefore recruit applicants on the basis of their personalities as well as their skill sets. To ensure that all our staff can blossom in their work, we have established a human resources development policy which allows us to welcome our new talents, support them, and see them grow.
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