Student section

Are you looking for work experience in a shop or in our head office? Would you like an enjoyable job to finance your studies or just supplement your income? Pimkie offers work placements, work/study schemes and student jobs in France and abroad.

Work placements

Whether it be in logistics, at the head office or in a shop, Pimkie has many work placements available. We will give those on work placement a wide range of tasks in line with their training and level of education, and will offer a structured work environment. A work placement can be a good way of learning about the company and may help you to obtain a position in the company in the future.

Work/study schemes

Are you interested in a long-term assignment? Would you like to put into practice what you are learning? A work/study scheme is for you!

Pimkie trains and helps students while they learn. For a year, by way of a work/study contract (as an apprentice or through a professionalisation programme), you will be able to combine theory and practice in a company. Thanks to your personality and your skills, Pimkie will offer you the opportunity to become involved in our success.

Student jobs

Do you need money to finance your studies or just supplement your income?

Pimkie regularly offers sales staff contracts that fit in with your schedule. If you are interested, go to find out more in the shop of your choice.