Other jobs



Mélina –Merchandiser

I came to Pimkie three and a half years ago. After working in the store on a student contract, I applied to do an Operational Merchandising placement. That placement enabled me to join a 2-year combined work/study programme resulting in a permanent contract. I’m now Upstream Merchandiser for Italy. My role is to make sure products are displayed effectively in store in order to boost sales, and all while upholding our brand’s image. I work alongside the Italy Market Manager and the Italy Operational Merchandising Manager to ensure that our product offering and visual merchandising are tailored to the Italian market and our customers’ needs. The thing that motivates me every day is the versatility of this job: analysing, creating, calculating, co-construction, all while working on cross-functional projects.

One word that sums up your job at Pimkie? co-construction, especially with my Italian colleagues.

Your advice for anyone wanting to work at Pimkie? Be driven and motivated! That’s what I’d say you need to stand out at Pimkie.


Manuel- Area Manager

I joined Pimkie in July 2012 as an Area Supervisor (ADZ) in the

Partners/Franchise team. Basically, it’s my job to develop, and then manage foreign partnerships which enable Pimkie to operate in countries where we don’t want to open our own stores, either because of the distance or because of complex local market conditions.

My job means I get to work with lots of different people in foreign countries, which makes the work and the relationships very interesting and rewarding. It’s a bit like that within the company, too. I often work directly or indirectly with all the different departments.

One word that sums up your job at Pimkie? Contact and relationships

Your advice for anyone wanting to work at Pimkie? Check out our new concept and mobile apps!


Sarah - Online Sales Campaign Manager

I’ve been working as an Online Sales Campaign Manager for Pimkie since January 2017. The company’s induction programme helped me adapt to my job and my new work environment more easily. I’m in a young, friendly and very digital-minded team.

The way I see it, there are two parts to my job: the first is to coordinate all the different people involved in making sure sales campaigns run smoothly, and putting them online. The other part is managing e-merchandising, and publishing our collections on our website, which I do with a team of three people. What I like most about my job is being in contact with others.

One word that sums up your job at Pimkie? Good mood!

Your advice for anyone wanting to work at Pimkie? Love fashion, fashion, fashion and... be a geek! 


Julien - Marketing Project Manager

I’ve been a marketing project manager at Pimkie since June 2014. It’s a really stimulating job because we work like an agency, with an in-house studio which has graphic designers and project managers. My role is to make sure the brand’s strategy is applied in other countries.

I mainly take care of our “brand promotion plan”. This covers channel-free international campaigns. My job is to ensure that all the different departments involved are following the same direction and that the brand’s narrative is consistent across all channels, in order to make Pimkie a successful business. On top of that, I oversee marketing and advertising projects and manage the schedules for our graphics studio.

What I like most about my job is that I’m always learning from people in other jobs and countries.

One word that sums up your job at Pimkie? Openness. To other people, other countries...

Your advice for anyone wanting to work at Pimkie? If you are driven and motivated, come and join us to keep our brand going strong.


Aurélie Tamisier – Site Manager

After a 10-year stint as a Logistics Site Manager at another company, I decided to move to Pimkie in June 2015 to do the same job.

My role is to make sure that the right product is delivered to the right place and ensure the site is profitable. I also supervise good social relations and am responsible for the health and safety of people and property. I make sure that the goods received at the central warehouse are entered into the stock system and that stores receive their deliveries every day. I supervise the teams and work with our social partners to ensure a good social climate.

What I like most about my job is that there’s no routine. I’m free to coordinate logistics on several levels: social issues, figures, stores, etc. No two days are the same and I never get bored!

One word that sums up your job at Pimkie? Fulfilling!

Your advice for anyone wanting to work at Pimkie? Be passionate and open to the world around you.